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Voted Best Chiropractor in Bastrop, Texas in 2017

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Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is a system of adjusting subluxations of the cervical spine by means of its uppermost vertebra (C1 AKA the “atlas”). The Atlas Orthogonal Program was developed with specificity in mind. Special radiographic views are used to determine the extent and direction of spinal misalignment. Information from x-rays determines how the Doctor will adjust the spinal segment. The actual adjustment is performed with an Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument. The instrument works by percussion – a sound wave – and the bone is gently restored to its’ normal position. The procedure is barely felt by the patient and is completely painless. The Atlas orthogonal technique has shown to be effective even when more traditional approaches including physical therapy, drugs, surgery and standard chiropractic treatments have failed.

In-house Digital X-rays

At Atlas Pain Institute, we provide in-house digital X-rays. Because chiropractic care uses spinal manipulation and other techniques that involve movement of skeletal components with the hands or with the use of an instrument, an X-ray can show us exactly what is happening in the body in terms of alignment and structure. The X-ray conveys some other information too, such as the presence of scar tissue or arthritis in a given area, both occurrences that need to be considered when forming some sort of treatment pathway.


This device helps your treatment work faster and last longer. It has a roller that gently rolls up and down the spine. This helps to restore motion and alignment of the spinal joints as well as elasticity to the spinal ligaments. The repeated motion also helps to re-hydrate compressed spinal discs by gently pumping fluid back into the disc tissue.

Pneu Map

Measures spinal curves. It aids us in determining the proper treatment protocols for a patient. It also allows us to measure results and see treatment progress.


Un-weighting allows us to take pressure off of the spine and allows for retraining and re-education of the muscles that support your spine. Un-weighting typically allows for immediate relief of symptoms.


Helps to re-educate the inactive or under active muscles of the spine to improve and restore proper spinal posture.

Stretch Chair

Isolates very specific muscles to improve flexibility by using gravity and your own body weight to achieve a deeper stretch.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV) activates more muscle fibers to improve muscle strength and stimulates the stretch reflex to achieve greater flexibility


Corrects the landing position of the foot to take undue stress off of the foot, ankle, knee and hip.

GK Vibratory Massage

Relieves muscle spasm and trigger points


Uses deep heat to Increased blood flow, Relieves joint stiffness, breaks down scar tissue.
(a heating pad heat the surface tissue, Diathermy penetrates deep into the joints)


Interferential Current

Pain relief. Reduces inflammation and swelling.

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