Lisa Trowbridge

Lisa strives to make your experience positive in every way. She has had to overcome her own health issues, and therefore has more empathy for what our patients are going through and the road that lies ahead of them.

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and MS she scoured for all the information she could find on the possible causes for her condition. She knew a pill was not the answer and would, at best, only cover up the symptoms but at the cost of additional side effects. She knew if she could find the cause, and eliminate or correct it, she could have a real solution, a real cure; and not just a cover up.

She has transformed her entire life in the process of healing. She has become a healthier, stronger, more fit, and therefore, happier person through her experience.

Lisa’s passion is now educating individuals and families on the best ways to consume rich nutritious foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Dionne

Kelly Dionne Is the Office Manager and has been with Atlas Pain Institute since April 2017. Kelly and her family moved to Texas from Georgia to serve in the ministry. They have fallen in love with Texas and affectionately call it home. Kelly, her husband and three teenaged daughters enjoy spending quality time together at church, watching action movies, hiking, fishing or just being anywhere near water.

Kelly served as an office manager and chiropractic assistant for over four years in Lockhart before coming to Bastrop. She believes greatly in chiropractic health and has witnessed first-hand how the power of natural healing through chiropractic care can change people’s lives.

Kelly looks forward to helping and assisting you as you are continuing or just beginning your chiropractic journey.

Kristine Striegler

​​Kristine Striegler joined our team in June 2017. Kristine moved to Bastrop when she got married in November 2016. She loves Bastrop and the small town environment. She and her husband enjoy spending time at the river to swim and fish.

Kristine had minimal experience with chiropractic care but finds her work at Atlas very fulfilling and very motivating. She’s always ready to help wherever she’s needed. She loves to help others and looks forward to seeing you at your next visit.

​Mari Vasquez

​Mari is a Bastrop native and she is pursuing her career as an x-ray tech. Mari started with us in June of 2017 through her school’s internship program, She did such a good job that we offered her a permanent position in December of 2017.

​Mari loves to spend her off time with her family and new puppy.

Joanna Saenz

​Joanna is originally from South Texas (RGV) and moved to the Bastrop/Cedar Creek area in 2011. Joanna loves to spend quality time with her husband and two boys. She has been in the chiropractic field for over 5 years and has found passion in seeing people get well through chiriopractic care and thanks God for letting her be a part of it.