The PneuBack Spinal Rehab Procedures are state of the art, cutting edge treatments for acute and chronic back pain, spinal disc disorders (including: disc herniations, bulging disc, ruptured disc, slipped disc, and disc degeneration) scoliosis, sciatica, whiplash injuries, poor posture, post surgical rehab, and sports injuries.

Our programs are developed to help almost everyone. We have rehabilitation programs with an emphasis on posture, flexibility, and functional strength. The PneuBack Rehab Program is divided into two parts: the Pneu-Back Program which covers back problems and the Pneu-Scoliosis Program which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Scoliosis. Both programs are designed to accommodate those with a variety of physical handicaps.

The Pneuback procedures have been effective in many cases, even when physical therapy, drugs, surgery and standard chiropractic treatments have failed.

To find out if you qualify for these procedures, call Atlas Chiropractic & Spinal Rehab Center at (512) 332-2777 to schedule an appointment with Dr. B. Jason Trowbridge.

Accurately shows posture deficiencies. This posture gauge graphically measures the posture curves and lean. The graphing is done with the patient standing in front of the Pneu-M.A.P.™ Both the patient and the clinician can see how the patient’s posture compares to the ideal posture. The Pneu-Map™ provides simple diagnosis and documentation. A recent study done at the University of Montana has shown a high correlation when comparing the Map’s ability to measure a Scoliotic curve and X-rays of a Scoliotic curve.

For patients with disc problems, unweighting allows us to take pressure off of the disc while the patient is in an upright functional position. This allows rehabilitation to begin much sooner vs. standard traction or disc decompression treatments where the patient simply lays still while being stretched. In many cases PneuBack deweighting allows for strengthening and retraining of the supporting spinal musculature to begin on the first treatment.

PneuBack’s unweighting range allows the patient to perform low-impact kinetic exercises in an upright functional position. Activities such as walking, running, stair climbing, jumping and balance may all be performed safely in an unweighted condition. Unweighting allows rehabilitation to begin sooner, utilizing task specific functional exercise without the pain.

PneuBack Chair
The chair will stabilize the pelvis to help eliminate the use of stomach and leg muscles to hold up the back and encourage the use of the smaller spinal muscles to support, and strengthen the back. Once set up in the chair with pelvic and spinal stabilization provided, the patient is asked to perform specific movements. Re-education of the inactive or under active muscle fibers occurs. This muscle recruitment is specific and is very effective at creating positive postural changes.